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College of Applied Psychology


College of Applied Psychology in Terezin (Vysoká škola aplikované psychologie v Terezíně) is the right institution for those who wish to delve deeper into the field of psychology and its practical applications. With an emphasis on practicality and on applied scientific research, this school stands out for its commitment to bridging theory and practice.



One of the key pillars of the College of Applied Psychology is the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Students do not only study the theories of psychology but also engage in hands-on projects, gaining valuable real-world experience. This prepares them for effective application of their knowledge upon graduation.

Moreover,  the College of Applied Psychology focuses on integration and application of psychology in management and economics. Recognizing the significance of psychological principles in effective leadership and organizational management, the school offers practical program in this domain. Students have the opportunity to explore how psychological insights can be applied to managerial decision-making, team dynamics, employee motivation, organizational culture and other aspects of management.

In addition, the school places a strong emphasis on intercultural psychology and its application in personnel management. In today's globalized society, understanding and respecting diverse cultures is essential for successful organizational functioning. Students learn how to work with cultural diversity, identify and resolve intercultural conflicts, and foster inclusive work environments.


Scientific research at this institution goes beyond academia, actively seeking practical applications and innovative approaches to addressing real-world challenges. Students actively collaborate with organizations and institutions, delivering particular benefits and solutions in various areas of applied psychology.

Our team of researchers engages in both fundamental and applied research across a wide range of disciplines. Their work contributes not only to the academic community but also to society and region, where the College of Applied Psychology resides. Our research areas encompass management, applied psychology, work ethics, philosophy, and cross-cultural psychology, allowing us to study and understand human behavior, interactions, and decision-making processes.

Our researchers share their findings at international conferences organized both at the College of Applied Psychology and also abroad. They also collaborate with peers from around the world, and actively contribute to scientific journals.



    Ing. Radmila Trnková Lorencova, Ph.D.

    Field: Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Psychology, Intercultural Management

    Dr. Radmila Lorencova combines her passion for cultural anthropology with applications in the field of psychology and management. Her research revolves around questions of individual and group identity, how rituals function in relation to human consciousness and the sense of belonging and how different cultures shape social interaction, decision-making, motivation and innovation in the context of intercultural cooperation. In her lectures, Dr. Lorencova bridges traditional cultural anthropology ideas with modern management theories and psychology, providing a broader perspective on human and organizations behavior.    

      List of publications: 



Our College of Applied Psychology takes great pride in its extensive international cooperation with universities and researchers from various countries. This collaboration allows us to enhance our intercultural perspective, share knowledge and enrich both teaching and research through a cultural dialogue. Our foreign partnerships enable us to build lasting international relationships and networks. Moreover, many of our teachers and researchers work not only within workplaces in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

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